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Psychology In Competition



Psychology in Competition

Competition is a word that state to competet to the other .competition is happen when you start comparing to the other .we get competition in many different form .such as competition in game , competition in study , competition is to look better than the other .but here is the question that how competition deal with the psychological Behaviour ? This is the most Interesting question that we gonna discuss .
Competition as psychology is something we deal with our mind and body .while competing with other ,the only thing that run with us is mind .mind helps or we could say mind makes the internal data of how to deal while competing with other.
while competition with other , the second most important factor that deal with us is Emotion .Emotion is something that is related or a part of mind .Emotion can be formed in any situation as a different form .therefore while competition , emotion plays an important role ..always remember that if you want to win any race , you need to control our emotion and need to focus on how to be win .
Mental Ability is the most important part that again related to mind .if you are confidence to win , you will Definately but only if your mental ability is as strong as the your eagerness to win .In this case ,mind and emotion plays although together but we need to focus on each and every step to take us toward the winning race.

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